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How to design transition pathways to a more sustainable society? The Wuppertal Institute unites climate, environment and resource related aspects in its research and links ecological issues with those of an economic and social transformation. Here you find the discussed topics:

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Sustainable Energy Strategy for Iran

New open access book provides analyses and impulses needed to rethink Iran's energy strategy

For more than twelve years a team of Iranian and German scientists has been analyzing the Iranian energy system from the point of view of sustainable future development perspectives. Their result: Iran is a dynamic country endowed with rich natural resources, including high amounts of fossil and renewable energies and a young and growing population. If properly utilized and appreciated, these are key assets for the design of a sustainable energy system and a bright future for Iran....

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Every agent of our society, be that of the field of policy, economy, science, from organisations or initiatives, who wants to move towards the utopia of a world that's globally fair to both mankind and environment, finds a partner in the Wuppertal Institut to work together in projects, analyses and scenarios.

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