Calculating MIPS

  • Publications 30.05.2003
Calculating MIPS : Resource Productivity of Products and Services

This manual sets out to be an instruction guide for the implementation of analyses according to the MIPS concept. MIPS stands for Material Input Per Service unit, a measure developed at the Wuppertal Institute, which serves as an indicator of precautionary environmental protection. However, this publication is not a comprehensive description of the methods used, but should rather be seen as supplementing existing publications, in particular, the MAIA Handbook.


This practical guide contains additional information, which cannot be part of a methodological description, but which is indispensable for the practical work.


This manual is directed at enterprises and persons, who wish to carry out MIPS or a material analysis in relation to products or services. It gives a general impression of what MIPS is, and how MIPS is calculated.



Michael Ritthoff, Holger Rohn, Christa Liedtke:

Calculating MIPS : Resource Productivity of Products and Services.

Wuppertal 2002

(Wuppertal Spezial no. 27e)