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The Wuppertal Institute at a Glance

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Welcome to the Wuppertal Institute

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How can transitions to a sustainable society be shaped? Research work at the Wuppertal Institute interlinks aspects of climate, environment and resources. It combines ecological questions with issues related to economic and societal change. Our research work is based on a wide range of knowledge and experience in the field of natural, social and cultural sciences; engineering and economics. Based on a transdisciplinary approach our science actively integrates actors of change. Research methodology at the Wuppertal Institute follows the transition concept.

What's New

Nutrional Footprint

The Footprint of Meals

Paper presents methodology using environmental and health indicators


Stefan Lechtenboehmer

Stefan Lechtenböhmer Appointed Adjunct Professor at Lund University

Special focus on future sustainable energy systems


EU Flag

Building Europe's (Energy) Future

New Policy Paper published



Situation and Potentials of Energy Efficiency in the European Residential Sector

Article in the Journal of Cleaner Production



The Integration of Renewable Energies into the Electric Systems of North Africa

Dissertation by Bernhard Brand



Workshop of SOLUTIONS and UEMI

Presentations now available