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Dr. Heinrich Bottermann (DBU; left) and Prof. Peter Hennicke are presenting the final report of the preliminary study for the German-Japanese Energy Council © DBU/Himsel

Dear readers,

An institutionalised expert exchange programme between Japan and Germany shall help transform the energy systems of both countries towards sustainability. Prof. Peter Hennicke, the former president of the Wuppertal Institute, has initiated a project to form a German-Japanese Energy Council, with the financial and technical backing of the Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (DBU) and the Stiftung Mercator, and in collaboration with the Wuppertal Institute and ECOS Consult (Osnabrück). An earlier conducted Preparatory Study had found out how this council would have to set new impulses for energy and climate policies in both countries and thus bring forth the Energy Transition internationally. Find more information in a DBU-press release.

Find more of the Wuppertal Institute's international activities below. Enjoy!
Dorle Riechert and Kerstin Eiwen (editors)

Options for a European Resource-Efficiency Economy
POLFREE published six Policy Briefs

The project investigated why resources have been used inefficiently, developed new concepts and paradigms for resources efficiency, and examined different policy scenarios.

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A Resource-Efficient Europe – Programme for Climate, Competitiveness and Employment
Scientific opinion of the Resources Commission of the German Environment Agency

The newest results of a comprehensive model show that the EU can provide a significant contribution to climate protection singlehandedly and even benefit economically.

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Enabling Energy Sufficiency
Conference paper presents results of a transdisciplinary research design for sustainable urban development

The concept comprises expert interviews, thought experiments with stakeholders to develop a vision of an "energy sufficient Vohwinkel 2050" and a stakeholder workshop. 

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Making Hungary Fit for the Energy Transition
Study develops energy scenarios for Hungary with a time horizon of 2030 and 2050

The scenarios in the report deliver information about the costs and long-term effects of different energy choices and potential benefits of greening the energy mix.

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International Alliance for Rural Electrification
Wuppertal Institute is a New Member of ARE

The Alliance for Rural Electrification is a global network of innovative professionals who promote and provide technological and financial solutions for rural electrification.

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Exploring Transition Research as Transformative Science
Register now for the IST Conference 2016 in Wuppertal

The IST's theme is "Exploring transition research as transformative science" and it will reflect on the role of scientists in the transition to sustainable development.

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