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"Utopiastadt" in Wuppertal, place of urban transitions. Making Utopia possible – Welcome to Wuppertal is the motto of the 25th anniversary of the Wuppertal Institute. (c) Wuppertal Institute / Photo: Olaf Joachimsmeier

Dear readers,

Summertime – time to read. This newsletter will provide you with reading material about different subjects of the Wuppertal Institute's research, such as energy efficiency, climate policy, transport, circular economy, sustainable resource use and transformative science. Not to forget the latest information of WISIONS, the project which supports small-scale supports energy projects throughout the world.

Dorle Riechert and Kerstin Eiwen (editors)

The New South African Standards and Labelling Programme for Residential Appliances
A first-hand evaluation case study

Even though the study does not asses the direct transferability of the programme to other regions, its findings could be relevant for countries planning similar policies.

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The Transition Period
New Carbon Mechanisms Review published

The new issue of Carbon Mechanisms Review deals with the implementation period of the Paris Agreement ahead.

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From Waste Management to Resource Efficiency
Policy mixes needed

Despite ambitious targets, policies that would enable a transition from a conventional waste management to an integrated, comprehensive resource management are still missing.

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The Potential for Energy Efficiency in the EU Member States
A comparison of studies shows need for improvement of data quality

The paper provides an in-depth analysis and comparison of existing studies on energy efficiency potentials in the EU Member States by 2030 and suggestions for improvement.

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Three Schools of Transformation Thinking
Article published in GAIA

To identify the main drivers of transformation, differentiating between the idealist, the institutional, and the technological innovation schools of thought helps.

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Small-scale Renewable Energy Technologies in Latin America and the Caribbean
WISIONS: selected projects and exchange activities announced

Through SEPS, WISIONS supports energy projects that are environmentally, economically and socially sound as well as fostering knowledge exchanges between practitioners.

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