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Mayor Andreas Mucke, Prof. Dr. Uwe Schneidewind and NRW Minister of Science Svenja Schulze. Photo: afi

Dear readers,

With the revealing of the Wuppertal Institut's new logo at the front of our office building on 4 April 2016, NRW Minister of Science Svenja Schulze, Wuppertal's mayor Andreas Mucke and the institute's president, Prof. Dr. Uwe Schneidewind, symbollically fired the starting pistol for the institute's new Corporate Design. At the same time, it marked the start of the institute's 25th anniversary year under the motto "Welcome to Wuppertal - Making Utopia possible", which has its peak in the week of 5 to 9 September 2016. Not only this newsletter has been redesigned, but we also gave our website a new layout.

Dorle Riechert and Kerstin Eiwen (editors)

Scenario-based Comparative Assessment of Potential Future Electricity Systems
A new methodological approach using Germany in 2015 as an example

New method allows for a good comparability of scenarios and the identification of key characteristics for future developments of electricity sytems.

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COP 21 Can Become a Turning Point towards Sustainable Energy Systems
Wuppertal Paper on behalf of Secretariat of the Club of Rome published

The paper argues that "burden sharing" is a misleading perception of strong climate mitigation strategies, whereas the view of "benefits sharing" is a more realistic one.

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The Dawning of a New Era
New issue of the Carbon Mechanisms Review published

The issue describes and analyses the Paris outcome with respect to its Carbon Market provisions, i. a. featuring analyses of Article 6 and Japan's Joint Crediting Mechanism.

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The Overall Share Of African CDM Activities Continues To Be Low
An update on the Clean Development Mechanism in Africa in times of market crisis

Despite support measures for underrepresented regions, the overall share of African CDM activities continues to be low and the CDM might be limited to the voluntary market.

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Climate Change as a Transformation Challenge
An article about the New Climate Policy Paradigm

Climate change is no longer seen as a clear-cut environmental problem nor as a developmental issue, but as a challenge to fundamentally transform global societies.

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Enhancing Productive Biogas Use in Mexico
WISIONS-project successfully concluded

Converted gasoline motors for biogas generated mechanical and electrical energy are beneficial for medium scale farms in regard to productivity and environmental burden.

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A Key Player of the International Agenda for Sustainable Development
The death of Jim MacNeill

MacNeill had been a member of the Wuppertal Institut's International Advisory Board from the beginning until 2002. He is remembered both with high regard and gratitude.

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