Greening the North

A Post-Industrial Blueprint for Ecology and Equity

  • Publikationen 01.12.1998

While sustainability is in danger of being reduced to a meaningless platitude, the brutal fact remains that industrial countries make a disproportionately large and negative impact on the environment. A serious transition to sustainability will require changing people's mindsets and social institutions, in addition to public policies, technologies and business practices.


This book presents a path-breaking analysis as well as highly innovative proposals for managing this transition. Emanating from Europe's foremost environmental policy think-tank, it has already stirred up a major new debate in Germany on radical, but feasible, directions in which the governments of industrial societies ought to be moving. The concept of "environmental space" and its ingenious development of indicators for measuring an economy's national and global impact combine with its delineation of concrete policies to give this book its intellectual power and potential political impact.



Wolfgang Sachs, Reinhard Loske, Manfred Linz et al.:

Greening the North - A Post-Industrial Blueprint for Ecology and Equity

Zed Books, London, 1998.

247 S.

ISBN 1-85649-507-8 (Hardcover)

ISBN 1-85649-508-6 (Softcover)

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