Atmospheric Research From Different Perspectives

New book bridging the gap between natural and social sciences

  • News 19.08.2014

The research network "The Reacting Atmosphere" is a transdisciplinary group of natural and social scientists, economists and mathematicians that apply a systemic approach of studying the impact of the atmosphere on air quality and climate change. Since 2011, scientists from the University of Wuppertal, the Wuppertal Institute, the Climate Research institutes at Jülich Research Centre, and the Rhenish Institute for Envrionmental Research at the University of Cologne are working together. The aim is to understand the highly complex feedback loops in the atmosphere and the multiple influencing factors and to identify key atmospheric processes. In addition, the impact of political measures that aim at influencing the composition of the atmosphere is analysed as well and recommendations will be derived.

Recently, Springer has published the first volume of the series "The Reacting Atmosphere", which has been edited by Ralf Koppmann, professor for atmospheric physics at the University of Wuppertal. This book, titled "Atmospheric Research From Different Perspectives - Bridging the Gap Between Natural and Social Sciences", explains the interdisciplinary approach and strategy of the research network. For the Wuppertal Institute, Manfred Fischedick contributed a chapter on "Sustainable Strategies".

The book is offered as ebook and softcover at the Springer website.