8th Annual Meeting of the LCS-RNet

Conference takes place in Wuppertal in 2016

  • Events 06.09. - 07.09.2016

The LCS-RNet (Low Carbon Society Research Network) was established in 2008 by the G8 Conference of Environmental Ministers and comprises independent scientific institutions, whereby Germany is represented by the Wuppertal Institute. The network aims at generating recommendations for the development towards a low-carbon society as well as supporting the exchange between industrial and emerging countries.

The 8th Annual Meeting of the network takes place in Wuppertal. The content of the LCS-RNet's Annual Meeting 2016 is mainly determined by the international agreement reached at the COP 21 in Paris in December 2015, as the international debate has shifted to the question of how to implement the agreement. The Meeting is supposed to discuss decarbonision concepts and their financial instruments. It will also generate useful impulses for German climate politics and should contribute to a beneficial framework for a global energy transition.

For further information, please see the project's description or the LCS-RNet website.