Realising Long-Term Transitions towards Low Carbon Societies

Impulses from the 8th annual meeting of the LCS-RNet

  • News 08.03.2017
Handing over the publication to LCS-RNet Secretariat
Prof. Dr. Stefan Lechtenböhmer and Katharina Knoop hand over the publication to Dr. Toshihiko Masui (left), Dr. Shuzo Nishioka (centre) and Tomoko Ishikawa (right), who are representatives of the LCS-RNet Secretariat and visited the Wuppertal Institute on 8 March.

In spite of current multiple political crises, global warming will remain a prime issue on the global agenda. The adoption of the Paris Agreement in 2015 and its quick ratification in 2016 have created a strong momentum for worldwide action against climate change. As global greenhouse gas emissions must decline towards levels close to zero by the middle of the century, the rapid decarbonisation of energy systems is high on the agenda of most countries around the globe.

The Wuppertal Spezial No. 53, edited by Wuppertal Institute's Stefan Lechtenböhmer and Katharina Knoop, delivers insights into cutting edge research on the necessary transitions towards low carbon societies and by this aims to contribute to international as well as national policymaking. It comprises impulses from the 8th Annual Meeting of the LCS-Rnet (Low Carbon Society Research Network), which took place in Wuppertal in September 2016, and is available for free download from our publication server.

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