Renewable Energy Sources - Research and Business

2nd RESRB in Wroclaw, Poland

  • Events 19.06. - 21.06.2017

The Renewable Energy Sources - Research and Business (RESRB) 2017 conference is designed as a platform for reporting, discussing, improving, and disseminating recent developments in renewable energy science, technology and business. It is an international event offering a platform to share leading research expertise and to facilitate business development. The conference will also facilitate synergies between academia and commercial sectors.

RESRB 2017 is particularly focused on developed and developing countries applying green growth policies, and plays a role in informing policymaking processes. Wuppertal Institute's Mathias Buddeke will give a presentation on "The Role of Hydrogen Storage as Central Flexibility Option to Reach 100 % Renewable Cover Rate in the European Power System in 2050", based on insights gained from the RESTORE 2050 project. He is also part of the Scientific Advisory Board.

For more information, please see the Call for Abstracts.