Negawatt Power Plants in Schools

Solar&Spar brochure translated into several languages

Solar panels
  • News 08.05.2017

Since 2000, the Solar&Spar Contract GmbH, a Wuppertal Institute spin-off, implemented extensive energy saving measures in schools in North Rhine-Westphalia. In a 42 page long brochure on "Negawatt power plants in schools", Dr. Kurt Berlo and Dieter Seifried take a stock of the success and the factors that played a role in the successful outcome. Furthermore, they give praxis orientated advice to municipalities, schools and local initiatives to help facilitate similar projects.

"This brochure belongs on the desk of all mayors as well as heads of schools and building authorities in Germany", says Prof. Dr. Peter Hennicke, member of the Club of Rome and former president of the Wuppertal Institute. The brochure has been translated into English, Spanish and French to make it accessible not only nationally, but to as many stakeholders as possible. All translations are available for free download from the Solar&Spar website.

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