Assessing the Significance of Social Impacts of Renewable Power Plants

Article published in "Environmental Impact Assessment Review"

  • News 18.08.2017

Determining the significance of social impacts is important in order to support the decision-making process on energy infrastructure developments like power plants. However, what is significant is often subjective and different things are important to different people. Yet, determining these significance levels has received limited attention as a procedural step in social impact assessments. Addressing this research gap a combined participatory and technical approach was developed to assess impact significance. The approach was applied in a case study which analysed the livelihood impacts of the large-scale concentrated solar power plant NOORo I in Ouarzazate, Morocco.

The authors Dr. Julia Terrapon-Pfaff, Thomas Fink and Dr. Peter Viebahn (Research Group Future Energy and Mobility Structures at Wuppertal Institute) as well as Dr. El Mostafa Jamea, Director of MENARES (Casablanca) published an article about the method in the journal Environmental Impact Assessment Review. The full article can be obtained at ScienceDirect.