Trends and Practices of Circular Economy Development

E-book about constructing a green circular society published

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  • News 16.04.2018

The book "Constructing a Green Circular Society", edited by Munjur E. Moula, Jaana Sorvari and Pekka Oinas, focuses on the comprehensive economic model of the circular economy in order to make today's world more sustainable for the next generation.

The aim of the fourth chapter "International Policy Trends and Practices toward Circular Economy Development", (p. 39-61) by Dr. Henning Wilts, Head of the Research Unit Circular Economy at the Wuppertal Institute, is to identify policy trends and practices on Circular Economy in Europe and beyond. Despite the various social, economic and ecological benefits, the transition to a circular economy requires an ambitious and consistent political framework. Henning Wilts distinguishes between waste management and waste prevention and emphasises that there is no lack of innovative ideas and instruments in this area. The key challenge will be the coordinated approach across different policy areas and levels of government.

The e-book can be downloaded in English free of charge via the following link.