Conducting Dialog Processes with Industry the Right Way

Article by Daniel Vallentin describes important success factors

  • News 16.05.2018

Decarbonising the industry sector is key for complying with CO2 mitigation targets of the Paris climate agreement. This transformations needs to managed together with industry and not against it in order to avoid economic losses and social conflicts in industry regions. For this, dialogue processes with industries and politics have an important role to play. On May 14, 2018, Dr. Daniel Vallentin, Head Berlin Office and Project Co-ordinator in the Division Future Energy and Mobility Structures at the Wuppertal Institute, has published a blog article "Decarbonising Industrial Regions: The Importance of Dialogue Processes with Industry" focussing on major factors for successfully conducting such dialogue processes.

The blog is founded on a presentation given by Daniel Vallentin on a conference of the Energy Transition Platform (ETP) on April 26, 2018, in Essen. ETP is an international exchange forum of industry regions run by The Climate Group and financed by the German Stiftung Mercator. Participating industry regions are invited to inform each other about projects and instruments for decarbonisiation of their economic structures and learn from each other.

The blog article by Daniel Vallentin is available under the following link.