Manifesto for Innovation in Europe

A call for action to open innovation processes with the participation of the Wuppertal Institute

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  • News 06.08.2018

On the initiative of the European Network of Living Laboratories (ENoLL), a manifesto for innovation in Europe has been published after a 4-year-long development process. Based on an idea at the Open Innovation 2.0 Conference 2014 in Dublin, the manifesto was formulated in collaboration with 14 organisations, including the Wuppertal Institute.

With the vision of a pan-European open innovation ecosystem the manifesto calls for action to broaden the current scope of innovation. It focuses on opening-up the innovation processes for societal actors in order to preserve the innovative power of Europe. Science and practice need to merge to develop innovative products, services and business models through a collaboration of universities, research centres, public administration and companies. Dr. Justus von Geibler, who has supported the development process of the manifesto on behalf of the Wuppertal Institute, states: "The manifesto highlights the integration of technological and social innovations. This is a fundamental requirement to incentivise the use of the new innovation model and to tackle global sustainability challenges. A large number of existing initiatives already demonstrate the transformative power of this approach."

These initiatives include "living labs", a key innovation approach of the Wuppertal Institute, in particular the Division Sustainable Production and Consumption. Together with businesses, users and households concepts, and scenarios are developed, for instance in city districts, to measure changes and test them under real-life conditions.

To support the idea of a pan-European innovation network, everyone can contribute to the manifesto. By clicking the link below, more background information, open innovation case studies and general comments or suggestions can be submitted. That way the expansion of a European innovation ecosystem will be supported in a participatory process.

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