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COP24: Silesia Climate Lounge

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  • Events 10.12.2018
  • Location Katowice, Poland

Regions and Cities are important players in climate change. Their activities are increasingly acknowledged within the UN climate negotiations. Local emissions from mobility, heat and power production are crucial for the life quality of citizens. Silesia has developed strategies and passed legislation to improve the region’s air quality; North-Rhine Westphalia supports sustainable urban development and pilot projects for zero emissions inner cities. Hauts-de-France motivates people to save energy, thereby addressing the issue of energy poverty. 

Based on examples, the event will discuss approaches of reducing CO2 emissions with representatives from cities, regions and research institutes. Furthermore, the issue of citizens not being able to pay their energy bill as an often under estimated problem across Europe, will be touched upon to in an excursus.

Moderator: tbc

  • Anti-smog resolution and its implementation (Blanka Romanowska, Government of Silesia)
  • Pilot projects for creating emission-free cities (Oliver Lah, Wuppertal Institute)
  • Activities and results concerning clear air, anti-smog actions, role of the municipal police, urban furnace exchange program, thermal refurbishment of buildings (Daniel Wolny, City of Katowice)
  • Problem of energy poverty in Poland (Jakub Soko?owski, Institute For Structural Research)
  • Representatives of the Hauts-de-France Region, City of Dunkerque (to be confirmed).

Event is part of City of Katowice's "Conference of Cities" and will take place on 10 December from 14pm to 15.30pm at the Academy of Fine Arts, Raciborska Street 50, in Katowice.

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