Where Next for Carbon Markets?

New Carbon Mechanisms Review 1/2019 available

coal-fired power station
  • News 14.05.2019

In the lastest Carbon Mechanisms Review "Where Next for Carbon Markets", the authors look at current trends in market-based climate action and present related analyses and backgrounders. They briefly summarise last year's COP (Conference of the Parties) and cover two emerging markets – the ICAO's aviation offsetting scheme and plans to curb emissions in shipping.

Particular focus is placed on carbon market development in Africa, with reports on the Africa Climate Week as well as a meeting of the West African Alliance on Carbon Markets and Climate Finance (WAA), a regional network of currently 16 member states which, through cooperation and capacity building, provides countries in the West African Economic Area with early access to carbon markets and climate finance. Last not least, the analysis of the first research conference specifically dedicated to carbon pricing touches on these and other insights shared at the Carbon Pricing Leadership conference in Delhi.

The complete issue can be downloaded under the following link.

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