Wasting Food, Wasting Resources

Article on potential environmental savings by reducing food waste one of the most downloaded articles in the Journal of Industrial Ecology

  • News 12.07.2019

The article "Wasting Food, Wasting Resources", published in the Journal of Industrial Ecology, is one of the journal's most frequently downloaded current publications. Among the articles published between January 2017 and December 2018, the article by Arkaitz Usubiaga and Isabel Butnar of the UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources in London and Prof. Dr. Philipp Schepelmann, Project Co-ordinator in the Urban Transitions Research Unit in the Energy, Transport and Climate Policy Division at the Wuppertal Institute, achieved the most downloads in the 12 months following its publication. 

The article "Wasting Food, Wasting Resources" deals with the food sector, which got in the focus of environmental policy, because of its environmental implications and its inefficiency in terms of the amount of food lost along the value chain. The European Commission flagged the food waste issue a few years ago and adopted since then a series of policies that partially address the problem. Among these, the Resource Efficiency Roadmap set the aspirational goal of reducing the resource inputs in the food chain by 20 per cent and halving the disposal of edible food waste by 2020. In their article, the authors examine what halving food waste would mean for greenhouse gas emissions, land use, blue water consumption, and material use.

The full article "Wasting Food, Wasting Resources" can be downloaded free of charge from the following link.