Re-Industrialise: Study Visit to North Rhine-Westphalia

Joining forces for a successful regional transition: experiences and lessons learned on fostering collaboration

  • Events 28.10. - 30.10.2019
  • Location Essen and Bottrop, Germany

The EIT Re-Industrialise Flagship led by the Wuppertal Institute invites regional stakeholders of high-carbon industry regions to join a Study Visit in North-Rhine Westphalia. The participants of the Study Trip will visit Essen and Bottrop, two cities formed by the regions' industrial history. Against this background, the Study Visit offers the opportunity to dive into the experiences of experts from research, society and industry in fostering new collaborations and creative solutions for a successful transition. The Study Visit will create an inspiring space to discuss, exchange and reflect your own ideas on how impactful collaboration can be achieved.

Apart from the Re-Industrialise team at the Wuppertal Institute and the partners at Provadis School, Dr. Benjamin Best, Research Fellow in the Structural Change Innovation Research Unit in the Future Energy and Industry Systems Division at the Wuppertal Institute, will share his knowledge on engaging and including a broad range of stakeholders from science, society, industry and policy in processes of regional transformation.

Further information about the project and registration under the link below.