Digitalisation of the German Energy Sector

Article discusses digital applications in the energy sector

Digitalisation of the Industry
  • News 21.01.2020

Digitalisation has begun decades ago and is continuously accelerating. It has by now changed several industry sectors drastically. Many digital applications have already been implemented in the energy sector but more drastic changes are expected in the next decades. For that, it is important to understand which digital applications can possibly be used in the future as well as the associated benefits and risks from the different perspectives of the impacted stakeholders. This is the basis for a broad societal and political discussion and an important piece of information for the companies, to develop and sustainably implement digital applications.

Prof. Dr. Manfred Fischedick, Scientific Managing Director at the Wuppertal Institute, and Paul Weigel, PhD student at the Wuppertal Institute, discuss the digitalisation of the German energy sector in their recent article "Review and Categorization of Digital Applications in the Energy Sector". The article gives a structured overview of potential applications in the German energy (electricity) sector, including the associated benefits and the impacted stakeholders. The authors review relevant articles, that take a broad view of the digitalisation of the energy sector.

The paper is available free of charge under the following link.