Webinar: Infrastructure for net-zero heavy industry in Europe

Is EU infrastructure ready for the clean transition? Final event of the INFRA-NEEDS project

  • Events 10.06.2020
  • Location Online

The Green Deal of the new European Commission aims to make the EU greenhouse gas neutral by 2050 at the latest, requiring enormous efforts from all sectors to speed up decarbonisation. Recent studies show, that the transformation of energy and carbon intensive industries to net zero GHG emissions is a huge, but feasible challenge. It will need various leap innovations to change the production systems. This will result in considerable geographically concentrated additional demands for renewable electricity, hydrogen and fuels and/or Carbon Capture and Storage/Utilisation. The clean industrial transformation will require new, efficient transport and storage infrastructures, which are not sufficiently taken into account in recent planning.
This event will discuss how the EU and Member States need to step up their infrastructure planning efforts to meet the ambitions of the Green Deal. The following key questions will serve as a basis for this:

  • Where in Europe and its industrial regions will (new) demand for electricity and hydrogen emerge until 2050, depending on different decarbonisation strategies?
  • Which regions in Europe are affected most from the net-zero industrial transition and have the highest needs for adopting and expanding (existing) infrastructures?
  • How much infrastructure and which infrastructure solutions will be needed to cover the future demands of electricity and H2, and to transport remaining CO2 to carbon storages?
  • What should be the next steps for a sustainable infrastructure on the long road towards greenhouse gas neutral industrial and energy systems within the Green Deal?

Background of the event is the EIT Climate-KIC funded research project "Infrastructure Needs of an EU Industrial Transformation towards deep decarbonisation", which is also part of the European Climate Foundation's Industrial Transformation 2050 initiative and builds on net zero pathways for heavy industry developed as part of this initiative.
The research project "Infrastructure Needs of an Industrial Transformation of the EU towards Deep Decarbonisation" (INFRA NEEDS) analyses where in Europe how much (additional) energy needs arise from the decarbonisation of the three most energy-intensive industrial sectors in Europe. For these hotspots, the resulting infrastructure needs in 2050 will be investigated.

Further information about the project can be found in the link below. Registrations are possible under the link below.