Preparing Local Authorities for Crisis

Policy Brief of the SUITS project demonstrates how local transport authorities were prepared to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic

  • News 15.09.2020

The COVID-19 pandemic made clear that the society must become more crisis-resistant. Therefore, the researchers of the Wuppertal Institute are currently working on the SUITS project, which aims to enhance the capacity of small and medium local authorities to develop and implement sustainable urban transport and mobility measures. A key aspect in the project's support to local authorities has been the work on organisational change. If local authorities are encouraged to implement sustainable transport measures, they, first of all, need to become a learning organisation that is able to discover what is effective by reframing their own experiences and learning from this process.

Prof. Dr. Ann-Marie Nienaber from the Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations at Coventry University and Dr. Frederic Rudolph, Senior Researcher at the Research Unit Mobility and International Cooperation in the Energy, Transport and Climate Policy Division at the Wuppertal Institute, have published a new Policy Brief, which demonstrates the resilience of the nine SUITS partner cities. The SUITS Policy Brief 4 "Prepared to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic" the researchers emphasise that the transformation process of the nine local authorities involved in the SUITS project towards learning organisations has prepared these cities far better for the challenges of the pandemic than they would otherwise have been.

The Policy Brief and further information about the SUITS research project can be found under the following links.

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