Analysing Strategic Environmental Assessment

Towards Better Decision-Making

  • Publications 01.11.2004

"The European Directive on strategic environmental assessment requires implementing legislation and guidance in each of the European member states. Other countries worldwide are also establishing procedures for strategic environmental assessment. This very timely book on "analytical strategic environmental assessment" (ANSEA) deals head-on with the decision-making systems that these regulations and guidance documents are supposed to influence. ANSEA focuses on the quality of the decision-making process rather than on the impacts of the decision; on describing the decision process rather than the output of the decisions, and on ensuring full integration of environmental values in decision-making." (From the preface by Riki Therivel)


Analytical Strategic Environmental Assessment (ANSEA) is an insightful new approach to environmental evaluation, based on decision theory, policy analysis and environmental considerations. These concepts, though not new in their own fields of application, are combined and integrated in an innovative fashion. This book presents recent research on the implementation of the ANSEA approach which aims to ensure environmental values are properly integrated into the decision-making process.



Pietro Caratti, Holger Dalkmann, Rodrigo Jiliberto (eds.):

Analysing Strategic Environmental Assessment

Towards Better Decision-Making

Edward Elgar Publishing, Cheltenham, 2004

224 pp.

ISBN 1-84376-448-2

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