Towards a Resource Policy

Raimund Bleischwitz published in Mineral Economics

  • News 09.03.2012

Raimund Bleischwitz was published in the February issue of Mineral Economics. His paper is entitled, Towards a resource policy - unleashing productivity dynamics and balancing international distortions.

The paper outlines guidelines and pillars of an innovative resource policy. Two reasons favour the formulation of such policy: a demand to increase sluggish resource productivity growth as well as environmental damages occurring along material flows at an international scale. Thus, it is both the innovation and environmental perspective that legitimate policies. The paper surveys recent empirical trends. Referring to research on innovation and transition management, it develops guidelines for a resource policy, namely, market order, provision function, learning processes, market development, and orientation. It furthermore describes four instruments as potential pillars of a future policy mix: a tax on construction minerals, an ecologically differentiated VAT tax, and an international covenant for metals and an international convention for sustainable resource management. The paper finally reflects these guidelines and pillars against weaknesses and ongoing discussions of climate policy. It concludes that despite all uncertainties and complexities, a well-designed resource policy is on the verge of becoming essential for unleashing ecoinnovation dynamics.

The full article can be downloaded with costs at SpringerLink.

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