Critical Minerals and Renewables

Article in the journal "Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews"

  • News 19.05.2015

The large-scale deployment of renewable energies is expected to cause increased demand for critical mineral resources. The aim of the article "Assessing the need for critical minerals to shift the German energy system towards a high proportion of renewables" is therefore to determine whether the transformation of the German energy system by 2050 ("Energiewende") may possibly be restricted by a lack of critical minerals, focusing primarily on the power sector (generating, transporting and storing electricity from renewable sources). For the relevant technologies, the team of the project KRESSE created roadmaps describing a number of conceivable quantitative market developments in Germany. They identified certain sub-technologies as being critical with regard to potential supply risks, owing to dependencies on a small number of supplier countries and competing uses.

The article is freely available via ScienceDirect.

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