Final Brochure of the project "Holzwende 2020plus"

Developing Sustainable Markets for Building with Wood

  • Publications 04.06.2008

The brochure illustrates the results of the three-year cross-disciplinary project "Holzwende 2020plus" which focussed on the challenges facing the forestry and timber industry and sustainable building with wood. The brochure points out emerging trends in sustainable markets for wood as a building material and the forces that drive these markets. Different scenarios illustrate what the future could look like and what action is required. The brochure provides a concrete description of how sustainable markets for wood as a building material can be developed. Experience gained from four implementation projects is exemplified by some particularly interesting findings. These include the finding that the targeted use of market development methods is extremely important. The methods presented centre around improved account of customer and user needs, reach central decision-makers with the customers, network actors in the value chain (e. g. forestry, the timber industry, architects, building trades) effectively and take target-oriented decisions in support of sustainable products and services. The brochure concludes with recommendations to politicians, business and society that are derived from the project.