Purpose-Driven Corporate Management

Open-Access book release "Putting Purpose Into Practice"

  • News 10.06.2021

The recently published book "Putting Purpose into Practice – The Economics of Mutuality" aims to lay the foundation for businesses to embrace a responsible, fair and efficient form of capitalism, rather than the prevailing purely financial one. Beyond profit maximisation, corporate purposes should offer solutions for the people and the planet e.g. through energy and resource saving products. Central to this is a new way of thinking about business and finance, fostered by a changing relationship between business, society, the environment, and work.

The book, published by Oxford University Press, is based on more than 10 years of in-depth academic research and business practice led by the Economics of Mutuality team, which included among others the firm Mars, the Oxford University's Saïd Business School and the Wuppertal Institute. One chapter of the book is contributed by Dr. Francesco Cordaro, Alain Desdoigts and Claudia Senik, in collaboration with Dr. Justus von Geibler, Co-Head of the Innovation Labs Research Unit in the Sustainable Production and Consumption Division at the Wuppertal Institute. In the chapter, the authors show that it is possible to measure natural, social and human capital and present suitable methods. Findings to date indicate that the assessment of these forms of capital, along with financial capital, is essential to fulfill preestablished purposes in corporations.

All chapters of the book are available free of charge in the link below. In addition, recordings of an online seminar series are freely available in which the two editors Colin Mayer and Bruno Roche discuss the book with thought leaders from the field of Purposeful Business.

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