Planetary Boundaries: How Israel and Germany take on the Great Transformation

Seminar series with Manfred Fischedick

  • Events 31.03.2022
  • Location Online

The "Planetary Boundaries", the limits of our Earth's resilience, have almost been reached or even exceeded in some areas. The stability of the Earth system and our livelihoods are increasingly at risk. Although the carbon-based global economic system is undergoing a transformation in many places and a global change in values is also discernible, the "Great Transformation" as a necessary trend reversal in the economy, politics and society is not happening. At the same time, climate change is already demanding comprehensive adaptation efforts worldwide, for example in water supply or agriculture.

The introductory session of the webinar series on "Planetary Boundaries – How Israel and Germany take on the Great Transformation" will provide participants with an overview of the status quo in both Israel and Germany when it comes to tackling the challenges of climate change on a societal, scientific and political level. In the webinar series, the question of what challenges the "Great Transformation" from the fossil system to climate compatibility and sustainability entails in both countries and what approaches to action are being pursued will be explored together. After an introductory seminar, the following webinars will look at central fields of action such as energy, water, mobility and agriculture. A speaker from politics, science or initiatives will be invited from each country and discussed with the participants. The respective framework conditions, strategies and best practice examples will be considered. Prof. Dr. Manfred Fischedick, Scientific Managing Director of the Wuppertal Institute, will give a presentation on how Germany is managing the Great Transformation on a political, social and scientific level.

The webinar will take place via the WebEx platform. Interested participants can register online for the seminar. Registration is mandatory as the number of participants is limited. The seminars will be held in English only.

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