Improving Energy Performance Certificates: Guidebook Published

QualDeEPC project publishes a guidebook for an enhanced and converging EPC assessment and certification scheme

  • News 07.10.2022

Within the project "High-quality energy performance assessment and certification in Europe accelerating deep energy renovation" – QualDeEPC for short – the project partners have drafted proposals for an improved and convergent energy performance certificate (EPC) assessment and certification system in a guidebook. It contains a summarised but detailed description of the practical concepts, policy proposals and tools. It is intended to help enable large-scale renovations – taking into account the national context of the seven countries represented in QualDeEPC: Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Latvia, Sweden, Spain and Hungary.

The project's comprehensive and clearly presented proposals at both EU and national level include user-friendly EPCs, mandatory training for EPC issuers, and online tools and platforms. Relevant stakeholders are provided with guidance on what steps are necessary for successful implementation and how, for example, the specific building values for online tools can be determined in the Member States.

Responsible for this guidebook is CRES, which, with the support of the other partners CIT Energy Management, Energy Agency Plovdiv, dena, Ekodoma, Energiaklub, escan, E-P-C, Fedarene, University of Budapest and the Wuppertal Institute, has summarised the results to date in an application-oriented manner.

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