Policy Learning not Trade War

Stock-taking of the lost decade from early Green New Deals towards the US Inflation Reduction Act

  • News 05.01.2023

More than ten years ago, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Philipp Schepelmann, Senior Researcher in the Research Unit Urban Transitions at the Wuppertal Institute, published a first outline of a "Green New Deal for Europe". Since then, ecological considerations have gained an importance in mainstream economic policy. The European Green Deal presented by the European Commission in 2019 confirms a largely underestimated regime change towards greener economy policies.

In his essay "Towards a Green New Deal. Lessons after a lost decade" for the special issue of the open access journal Culture, Practice, Europeanisation (CPE), Philipp Schepelmann takes stock of the debate on Green Deals from the first studies of 2009 to the European Green Deal and the US Inflation Reduction Act. For Schepelmann, the time since the publication of his first outline has been a lost decade: "Over the past decade governments missed the opportunity to learn how to steer economies successfully towards climate neutrality. Now, instead of pursuing common planetary interests, the US government and the European Union risk a trade war". His article draws first lessons and frugal heuristics from the history of green deals a derives planetary issues of transatlantic relevance.

The essay was published in the second issue (Volume 7, 2022) of the journal CPE and can be downloaded free of charge in the link below.

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