Future Energy andIndustry Systems

How can we achieve a transition towards sustainable structures and overcome the era of fossil fuels? We are working on these questions from a technical and systems analytical point of view. Core challenges being tackled are the decarbonisation of our energy systems, the transition to climate-friendly energy intensive industries and the sustainable modernisation of our cities.

Transformations need technical as well as social and institutional innovations. What are possible strategies to make them happen and what socio-economic consequences do they entail?

In order to deliver answers to these questions we carry out holistic technology assessments, study infrastructure needs, analyse path dependencies and develop consistent scenarios. For that, we often involve stakeholders, meaning we directly work for and with representatives of municipalities, state and national governments, companies and sectors as well as charities and NGOs.

We aim at providing practical solutions for the challenges inherent in the transformation towards a sustainable energy future on all levels, from local to international. As part of our work, we use a set of up to date scientific methods ranging from multi criteria analysis (MCA) and life cycle analysis (LCA) to scenario analysis and energy system modelling to agent based models. Our work relies on strong international cooperation within international scientific networks (such as the IPCC, the LCS-RNet, EUREC) and on a wealth of experience from numerous successful third party funded research and consultancy projects.

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