Sustainable Productionand Consumption

Our vision is a sustainable, low resource economy (LRE) and society (LRS). Environmentally friendly and fair products and services, which are produced globally or locally, encourage a high quality of life. Each person consumes only up to eight tons of natural resources per year instead of today's 40 tons of resources in Germany or two to four tons demand in Burundi, Rwanda or Bangladesh (assessment according to the MIPS concept).

Such a "dematerialisation" requires both corporations that offer low resource products and services and conscious consumers that demand such products and services.

Our main research areas are sustainability and resource assessment, management and new market development, as well as models of change and education. They aim at (re-)designing product service systems and value chains towards sustainability (transition design).

We develop and test integrative transition concepts and scenarios in real life settings (LivingLabs) together with companies, users and households in urban districts that are consistently linked to international sustainability goals and strategies. The main idea is nothing less than a reconstruction of our surrounding service systems that always rely on products and, thus, natural resources. This forms the basis for a societally and economically accepted transformation of our resource- and energy system. We have successfully accomplished a large number of third-party funding projects and programmes through an inter- and trans-disciplinary research approach and many years of national and international research experiences within (inter-)nationally established networks.

Such co-creation of the future is not only a scientifically exciting but also a personally enriching task.

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