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The G20 summit in Hamburg on 7 and 8 July 2017 was the acid test at the highest level for global climate protection after the United States announced its withdrawal from the Paris Agreement. In an unprecedented act of isolating a single country, the remaining "G19" states reaffirmed their commitment to the Agreement and also clearly stated that it was "irreversible". With this, a new chapter in international climate policy has begun. Will the rest of the world succeed in coordinating an effective global climate policy despite the withdrawal of US President Trump? Might the international community succeed in not just compensating for the American contribution, but also in seizing the momentum that has arisen following the decision by the US? In the end, the World Community might thus even defy Trump through more far-reaching measures. A research team at the Wuppertal Institute tackled these questions in an in brief and shows how those countries that are interested in protecting the climate can best come together to successfully carry forward the Paris Agreement and global climate policy.

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Kerstin Eiwen & Christin Hasken

En Route to a Just Global Energy Transformation?
Lukas Hermwille's FES-study translated into English

How much formative power do the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals in the Agenda 2030 have as an international framework for the energy transformation?

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Sustainable Development Synergies and Factors of Change in the Transport Sector
Two papers published in "Transportation Research Procedia"

This volume of "Transportation Research Procedia" includes full peer-reviewed papers presented at the World Conference on Transport Research in Shanghai, China, in July 2016.

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Electrolytically-produced Hydrogen as a Flexible Energy Storage Medium and Fuel for Road Transport
Re-energising energy supply

The Virtual Institute Power to Gas and Heat was established as a consortium whose aim is to inscribe a renewable-based German energy system with adequate flexibility.

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Circular Economy in the Plastics Sector
International workshop in the Netherlands

The participants discussed how digital technologies and Data Science can be utilised to improve the situation.

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Dr. Maja Göpel to become Secretary-General of the WBGU
Cooperation under new circumstances

Prof. Dr. Uwe Schneidewind: "We rejoice over her honourable appointment and look forward to further working together on transformations under the new circumstances."

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