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Dear readers,

Only 40 days to go until the international climate community meets again at the Conference of the Parties (COP23) to further advance the implementation of the Paris Agreement.

The Wuppertal Institute will not only be on site this year, following the negotiations and evaluating the progress, but also organise two big events together with the State of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) and the EnergyAgency.NRW:

Every evening, the current status as well as the results of the negotiations will be discussed at the NRW Climate Lounge – an innovative and network oriented format. Additionally to an update with regard to the ongoing negotiations, each evening will focus on one specific topic (e.g. cities, transport, research) that is of major relevance for shaping a successful transformation process and will amongst others show illustrative examples from and recent developments in NRW.
Deep decarbonisation of basic materials processing industries while improving its competitiveness is an emerging and challenging topic that so far has received very little attention. The one-day conference Deep Decarbonisation of Materials Processing Industries aims to change that and raise awareness for this important challenge.

As every year, there will be numerous other side events with participation of the Wuppertal Institute at COP23.

In regard to the negotiations, close attention in particular will also be paid to the US delegation after President Donald Trump announced the US-withdrawal from the Paris Agreement earlier this year. In the in brief "International Climate Policy: Trumping Trump", our scientists already explained how international climate protection is possible without the US – as long as the other states work closely together towards a common goal. The question remains, though: Will the US try to undermine the negotiations?

However the outcome of this year's COP, our scientists will report. Stay tuned: #MakingParisPossible

Hope to see you in Bonn!
Kerstin Eiwen, Lina Feder, Anna Riesenweber & Christin Hasken

Dr. Laura Woltersdorf Receives "Transformative Science" Research Prize
For the first time, the "Transformative Science" research prize has been offered by the Wuppertal Institute

Dr. Laura Woltersdorf (Goethe University Frankfurt) impressed the jury with her integrated evaluation concept for sustainable water resource management.

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Deep Decarbonisation of Energy Systems in Europe
Tracking sectoral progress

The article proposes a methodology to track the decarbonisation of energy systems of the EU. Furthermore, the authors analyse the decarbonisation rates in electricity, residential, transport.

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Developing a Highly Efficient Micro-Scale CHP System
25th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition proceedings online

The Horizon 2020 project FlexiFuel-SOFC develops a highly efficient and fuel-flexible micro-scale biomass CHP technology for a capacity range of 25 to 150 kW (fuel power).

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Dr. Maja Göpel Joined the WBGU
Former head of Berlin Office is now Secretary General

Prof. Dr. Uwe Schneidewind: "Göpel set a central course in transformation reserach at the Wuppertal Institute. This can be seamlessly continued at the WBGU."

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