Eurostat: NAMEA & MFA-EU 25

Eurostat: Supply of Statistical Services in the Field of Environmental Accounts - NAMEA and MFA-EU 25

  • Project no.3314
  • Duration 01/2006 - 12/2009

Environmental Accounts are portrayed as including a range of physical and monetary accounts and statistics (modules) that are tied to the core system of national accounts so as to provide a comprehensive and integrated economic-environmental dataset and to support indicator derivation and analyses.
The whole set of Environmental Accounts includes: physical and monetary flow and asset accounts for subsoil assets, forests, land and water resources; physical flow accounts describing the use of water, energy and materials, emissions to air and water as well as waste generation in a NAMEA (National Accounts Matrix including Environmental Accounts) framework; economy-wide material balances; and economic accounts describing environmental expenditure, environmental taxes, environmental industry and environmental employment.

This project is on supply of statistical services in the following areas of Eurostat's Environmental Accounts programme:

Activity 1 deals with environmental expenditure and environmental industry and is managed by the ICEDD. Activity 3 aims at developing NAMEA time series for EU 25 plus derived indicators for GHG emissions and emission trading and is managed by the Wuppertal Institute. The project MFA-EU 25 represents activity 2 and has three objectives:

Objective 1 is the processing of available material flow data on resource use in the European countries including the development of an estimation method for EU 25 time series, calculate the data set and draft a corresponding publication. Objective 2 is to develop a methodological material flow accounting guide for beginners (guide light) on the basis of the Eurostat MFA standard tables to be developed and the existing Eurostat guide on economy-wide MFA, in order to facilitate the development and production of harmonised and comparable data in the EU. Objective 3 is to take part in the work of further developing the existing methodological Eurostat guide and the new MFA standard tables for the collection of relevant information regarding material resource use in the European Union. This will be done in co-operation with the Task Force that includes experts from national statistical offices and in coordination with OECD.

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