Accompanying Scientific Research InnovationCity Ruhr - Preliminary Study

  • Project no.2149
  • Duration 01/2011 - 07/2011

The project InnovationCity Ruhr is a multi-dimensional large-scale project: Over a period of 10 years, a part of the city of Bottrop is supposed to achieve a CO2-Emission reduction of 50 percent. Multiple actors from the city, regional and supraregional businesses, the community and sponsors are involved within this process. The overall objective of reducing CO2-emissions will also be involved in action on climate change adaptation, urban development and the improvement of residential environment.

On the scientific level there is the chance to evaluate and transfer the gained experience of the implementation process. On this background, it is necessary to establish a learning level in addition to the planning and implementation level. To control the learning and transfer process it is important to establish an accompanying scientific research in terms of "institutionalised" (independent) monitoring and analysis, starting from the beginning of the overall project.

The accompanying scientific research takes several tasks: Observation and evaluation of the implementation process (empirical analysis), transfer of the gained knowledge to the in- and outside and stimulation from the outside. Furthermore it places the developments in the InnovationCity Ruhr in a longer term (road map 2050). Compared to the planning level, the accompanying scientific research thus brings a significant addition of value.

The objective of the preliminary study is the conception of the accompanying scientific research. It involves five main modules:

  • Identification of requirements for data management, evaluation and monitoring
  • Definition of criteria for the InnovationCity Project label
  • Gross structure of the research program of the accompanying scientific research
  • Identification of products of the accompanying research
  • Exploring funding options for the accompanying research

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