Ruhr Metropolis - European Green Capital

Ruhr Metropolis - European Green Capital: Analysis and Preparation of the Factual Information (Data) for the EU-Application of the Ruhr Region

  • Project no.1185, 1288, 1323, 1443, 1607
  • Duration 05/2012 - 11/2012

The Ruhr region would like to apply as the Ruhr metropolis for the European Commission's "European Green Capital Award". On behalf of the KSBG Kommunale Beteiligungsgesellschaft, the Wuppertal Institute has analysed and described the necessary regional environmental data of the Ruhr metropolis in order to answer the 12 EU-indicators 1) climate change, 2) local transport, 3) green urban areas incorporating sustainable land use, 4) nature and biodiversity, 5) quality of local ambient air, 6) quality of the acoustic environment, 7) waste production and management, 8) water consumption, 9) waste water management, 10) eco-innovation and sustainable employment, 11) environmental management of the local authority, 12) energy performance. Indicator 6 has been prepared by Planungsbüro Richter-Richard; the required maps have been produced by the Regionalverband Ruhr.
The application for the European Green Capital Award aims to demonstrate good developments and projects in the Ruhr metropolis, concrete plans and objectives for 2020 and beyond as well as weaknesses which need to be removed regarding the EU questionnaire.
For each of the 12 EU-criteria, the relevant environmental data for the Ruhr metropolis have been collected, analysed and interpreted by the Wuppertal Institute in cooperation with the Planungsbüro Richter-Richard. The results regarding the developments until today, the present situation and future objectives and plans have been prepared according to the requirements and response format of the EU-indicators: with texts, tables, graphs, maps and pictures.
For the 12 indicators, the Wuppertal Institute has developed and proposed possible objectives and strategic measures for the Ruhr metropolis, which were discussed with regional stakeholders in a one-day-workshop. The results will serve as a basis for the further decision-making process in the Ruhr metropolis and shall be included in the application for the "European Green Capital Award".

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