Sustainable Integration of Bioenergy Systems in the Context of Municipal Decision Making

  • Project no.3152
  • Duration 10/2012 - 09/2014

From a municipal point of view, analyses of systemic integration of bio energy should go beyond mere technological aspects. Hence, specific impacts of the integration of biomass technologies in different communal base cases und regional balance systems should be described in detail and in the context of national climate goals. The description of the impacts could then support the choice of suitable technical and organisational solutions or the optimisation of already implemented biomass systems.

Previous approaches of implementation have to be amended by questions regarding communal planning, acceptance and financial participation. The resulting questions are manifold. Particular emphasis is put on

  • Energy- and climate policy framework, scenario analysis (Wuppertal Institute)
  • Bioenergy technologies (UMSICHT)
  • Communal cluster, implementation (IZES)

The goal of the project is to strengthen the link between actors on national and communal level - with special respect to communal interests - by working out compatible recommendations in terms of concrete possibilities for implementation.

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