Transfer of the Results from GermanHy into the Emission Calculation Model TREMOD - Study in the Context of the National Innovation Programme for Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology (NIP)

  • Project no.2147
  • Duration 10/2010 - 12/2012

The objective of the project was the extension of the transport emission model TREMOD by adding scenarios which consider hydrogen as a source of energy. Therefore, the results of the existing study GermanHy ("Where does the hydrogen in Germany until 2050 come from?") has been transferred into TREMOD and the time horizon has been extended from the year 2030 to 2050. Besides the consideration of direct emissions and fuel consumption (respectively energy consumption), the whole energy chain was taken into account. Using TREMOD, it is then possible to calculate exhaust emissions and energy consumption for the traffic sector under the assumption of different fleet compositions and different portions of hydrogen vehicles depending on a chosen energy mix. Thus, the results of GermanHy are made indirectly usable.

Major tasks of the Wuppertal Institute were:

  • definition of the scenario structures
  • processing and if necessary update, adjustment respectively extension of the input data of GermanHy
  • test and validation of the extended TREMOD model

Further project information


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