Realisation of the Workshop "Low-Carbon Sector Transformation - Learning from Developing Countries" on 30/31 Oct. 2012 in Frankfurt am Main

  • Project no.1292
  • Duration 09/2012 - 12/2012

On 30 October 2012 experts discussed "Low-Carbon Sector Transformation in Developing Countries" in a workshop organised by KfW development bank with support of the Wuppertal Institute.

There is a strong desire by policy makers to scale up mitigation activities in developing countries and move international climate cooperation from supporting individual mitigation projects to programmes and policies. At the same time experience in transforming relevant sectors is limited. This expert workshop brought together policy makers, development practicioners and researchers in vivid discussions to gain an empirically based understanding of the driving forces behind transformational processes in the relevant sectors, the key challenges in stimulating and implementing transformational policies and the scope to transfer experiences between countries and sectors.

In the morning, three keynotes addressed the underlying concepts and understandings of low-carbon sector transformation. Participants were invited to discuss transformative concepts and approaches in order to develop a common understanding of the meaning of low-carbon sector transformation. In the afternoon, there were three parallel groups that discussed the practicalities of sectoral transformation in developing countries in greater depth.

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