Research Network for Forward Looking Activities and Assessment of Research and Innovation Prospects in the Fields of Climate, Resource Efficiency and Raw Materials

  • Project no.3352
  • Duration 07/2013 - 07/2018

RECREATE is a research network that will conduct ex ante assessments of EU-funded research, collect and analyse strategic information about medium and long term research and technological development (RTD) trends and prospects and that will carry out forward-looking analysis in the areas of climate action, resource efficiency and raw materials.

Besides research and innovation programmes, the project will also analyse related policy, technology and market developments. The project targets major EU and third country research and innovation actors.

RECREATE has the aim of overcoming the fragmentation of the EU research area regarding topics and actors. In particular, RECREATE aims at creating a clear cut research agenda for the new Framework Programme for Research and Innovation "Horizon 2020" addressing the challenges of creating a resource-efficient and climate change-resilient economy and a sustainable supply of raw materials, while meeting the needs of a growing global population within the limits of the planet’s natural boundaries. RECREATE acts in those fields with special emphasis on potential synergies and potential trade-offs.

RECREATE is organised along the following tasks:

1. Creation, launching and running a network of a wide range of necessary stakeholders (industry, academia, research centres, policy-makers etc.) in order to support research and innovation perspectives

2. Development and monitoring of key indicators and a scoreboard structure for assessing the impact of selected research and innovation cooperation in environmental and socio-economic terms (policy, economy and society)

3. Collection of strategic information about medium and long-term research and innovation trends and prospects as well as analysis of technological and policy trends provision as a base for forward-looking activities

4. Production of quantitative and qualitative briefings with research and innovation information, trends and strategic options for EU research managers and policy-makers.

RECREATE starts in July 2013 and is a five years coordination and support action project financed by the European Commission. It consists of a balanced consortium of 15 key players in the areas of climate actions, resource efficiency and raw materials. Wuppertal Institute leads the work package on indicators and the scoreboard for impact assessments.

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