Success Factors for System Leaps and Guiding Principles Towards a Resource Light Society

  • Project no.2423
  • Duration 06/2013 - 09/2016

The project aims to conceptualise and to substantiate the idea of the resource light society. This includes the development of corresponding guiding principles in the form of coherent projections for such a society. These projections will be tested on several stakeholder groups and the wider society to result in realist evaluations of the alternative scenarios and to derive implications for action policy makers. The project is set on the assumptions that for the existent system to arrive at a sustainable, resource light society it may need to change profoundly and hence to "leap" to a very different socio-economic state and shape. Potential trajectories, attractors, constraints and barriers to this development will be identified and associated success factors will be derived. To this avail, the projects will make use of instruments from future analysis, sustainability research, and empirical social research.

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