Cascading Use of Biomass

More Resource Efficiency through Material Use of Biomass in Cascades - from Theory to Practice

  • Project no.2424
  • Duration 07/2013 - 10/2016

As resource use behavior in our society conflicts with the capacity of our planet, cascade use of biomass is a possible solution. During cascading biomass is used as long, as often and as efficient as possible, and is recovered energetically only at the end of the product life cycle.

The project "Resource efficiency through cascade use of biomass" aims to identify the potential of the implementation of cascades, to further examine successful as well as failed approaches and to underline ecological advantages of such cascades. Furthermore a general concept shall be developed, which could serve as strategy for decision makers for implementation of promising measures, where ecologically optimised cascades were prioritised.

Seven work packages (WP) have been established:

  • Project Management (WP 0)
  • Collection and Evaluation of existing Concepts of Cascade Use of Biomass (WP 1)
  • Analysis of Resource Supply for different Concepts of Cascade Use of Biomass (WP 2)
  • Success- and Obstacle-Analysis of different Concepts of Cascade Use of Biomass (WP 3)
  • Overall ecological View on distinct Cascades of Biomass (WP 4)
  • Placement of Cascade Use in a general Concept for Biomass Use (WP 5)
  • Development of a Strategy to implement Cascade Use of Biomass / Political Recommendations (WP 6)

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