Summarization of the Results of Phase II and Editing of Measures in Preparation for the Climate Protection Plan

  • Project no.11172 R
  • Duration 03/2014 - 08/2014

The State Government of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) is developing a Climate Protection Plan that contains the necessary strategies and measures to achieve the goals defined in the State’s Climate Protection Law. On behalf of the State Ministry for Climate Protection (MKULNV), the Wuppertal Institute provides scientific support.

In the first phase of developing the Climate Protection Plan, strategies and measures of climate protection were developed in a broad participatory process, as well as measures of climate change adaptation in a parallel process. In the subsequent phase of differentiation and networking the compiled contents were presented to the public for discussion. Citizens and representatives of municipalities, enterprises and authorities of regional planning were given the opportunity to comment on the proposed measures and to develop additional proposals. Apart from online participation there were a municipal and a business conference, a regional workshop and three citizens' roundtables.

The Wuppertal Institute has provided scientific support to the MKULNV in the preparation, implementation and evaluation of the participatory processes. Comments and suggestions were evaluated in a target group-specific way and summarized in terms of recommendations for the further process.

The Wuppertal Institute also contributed to the preparation of the Climate Protection Plan by developing and editing the catalogue of described measures.

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