Global Warming Potential Analysis for the Planned Combined Heat and Power Plant Located at Ruhrchemie

  • Project no.1137

The Energieversorgung Oberhausen AG and two partners (Oxea, Emschergenossenschaft) are planning to build a combined heat and power plant at Ruhrchemie. Apart from multi-substance firing, this plant will contain other innovative components (e.g. construction according to the capture-ready-principle). Therefore, it will fit the three partner's demand for innovation. It is of special importance for the entrepreneurial decision on the construction of the plant and its political evaluation (especially by the City of Oberhausen), apart from economic criteria, how damaging (regarding the pollutant emission of e.g. sulfur dioxide, nitric oxide and dust) it will be compared to existing power plants and how the new power plant is to be evaluated from a climate-protective point of view.
The Wuppertal Institute was requested to carry out a survey that mainly focuses on the aspect of a comparative greenhouse gas assessment.
The study's main tasks are:

  • energy-economic classification
  • determination of the frame conditions for the assessment
  • conducting the comparative greenhouse gas assessment
  • identification of additional climate protection measures in the area of Oberhausen
  • conclusions for the construction of the combined heat and power plant.

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