Participation Options for GHG Mitigation of Rapidly Industrialising Countries in the UNFCCC

  • Project no.2701
  • Duration 12/2006 - 02/2008

The project will enable the Federal Ministry for the Environment to realistically assess the mitigating options in the most important rapidly industrialising countries Brazil, China, India, Mexico, South Africa and South Korea. Furthermore, the project will analyse, which political measures should be taken in order to effectively realise this potential.
These options will be differentiated according to those that may be implemented by those countries independent from any support and those where industrialised countries should provide assistance. Building on these analyses, the project partners will elaborate proposals on how to design possible commitments in the climate regime (FCCC, Kyoto Protocol) and other fora.
Moreover, Ecofys and the Wuppertal Institute will provide ad-hoc support for the international climate negotiations.