National Top-Runner Initiative

  • Project no.150952
  • Duration 01/2016 - 12/2018

Nearly seven million televisions are sold in Germany per year, a refrigerator can be found in more than 99 percent of the country's approximately 40 million households - in addition, there are a number of further electric appliances connected many hours each day to the network. There is an enormous potential for energy savings here, if and when as many households as possible switch to especially efficient electric appliances.

To reach this goal, the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) launched the "National Top Runner Initiative" in January 2016. It is an important building block in the National Energy Efficiency Action Plan (NAPE), with which the German Federal Government is seeking to reduce primary energy consumption in Germany - compared to 2008 levels - by 20 per cent until 2020, and by 50 per cent until 2050. The NTRI is intended to bring energy efficient and high-quality appliances (top runners) onto the market more quickly, thus driving their market saturation. For this purpose, motivation and competence in product-related energy efficiency is to be strengthened and expanded all along the value chain - from the appliance manufacturers to retail and through to the consumers. In this, the NTRI links diverse aspects: On the one side, consumers receive diverse information on the opportunities and possibilities related to increasing energy efficiency. On the other, manufacturers and retailers are to become visible efficiency actors and multipliers, motivating them to develop and sell energy saving products.

In a consortium under the leadership of Adelphi, the Wuppertal Institute has the task to bring in its scientific expertise regarding efficient technologies. A further focal point of its activities is the development of training concepts for retailers and further development of efficient products by innovation workshops.

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