Sustainable and Successful Management: The Analysis, Measurement and Control of the Sustainability of a Company using Sustainable Value Approach

  • Project no.2411
  • Duration 01/2007 - 08/2008

This project did apply and implement the newly developed Sustainable Value Approach (Figge/Hahn) to German companies in an extensive way. The Sustainable Value Approach enables an integrated valuation of the use of economic, ecological and social resources in a company. It is possible to aggregate these (factors) into a monetary, sustainable key performance indicator (e.g. Euro).
The methodical closeness of the Sustainable Value to established approaches in controlling ensures an access and builds upon existing and well proven controlling implements. For small and medium enterprises (SME) this issue is very important. Usually, they have not enough resources and manpower in their management and finance departments to develop specific controlling processes for their company. The aggregation to a monetary sustainable figure assures an expansion of existing controlling implements without significant financial or personnel expenses.
The project particularly emphasised the analysis of chances by the implementation of the Sustainable Value Approach for SME. The concrete possibilities of its usage and the success factors for a permanent usage in the controlling of finance and production were determined. Within a practice-oriented publication this new approach was allocated and classified in relation to already existing and established controlling implements. Consequently, it was possible to present links and chances for the usage of the Sustainable Value.
Subsequent to this practical work package the results of this study and the experiences of its implementation have been published and transferred to representatives of SMU in terms of workshops and manuals.

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