Wirtschaftsförderung 4.0

Development and Implementation of a Management Concept for the Systematic Enhancement of the Regional economy and Cooperating Economic Structures in Municipalities

  • Project no.250562
  • Duration 09/2016 - 08/2019

"Wirtschaftsförderung 4.0" intends to experience how collaborative resilience initiatives may systematically be supported as urban transformational forces for the benefit of climate protection, economical use of resources and an enhanced local added value. Many people wish to support those activities which have a local effect and a direct reference to their own lifes.  Regional money, barter circles, repair cafés, borrowing systems, city gardens, solidarity in agriculture, all that is highly demanded. Specific municipal promotion programmes - as, for instance, within the scope of the regional business development - are actually not available. This although there is a considerable hidden potential in society and the economy in relation to the systematic enhancement of the regional economy and cooperating business structures. The project’s result shall be a management concept for the systematic enhancement of the regional economy and cooperating economic structures in municipalities.

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